Are Cats and Dogs Friends?

Perhaps More Than You Think

While the traditional cliché is that cats and dogs can’t stand one another, many pet owners report that their cats and dogs are friends; at least much more so than you would ever imagine.  The truth is that while their behaviors and moods can be quite different, there is nothing that prevents the formation of deep and meaningful bonds of pack and friendship between the two species.  Are cats and dogs friends?  Sometimes, it would appear!

In fact, some experts liken the relationship between the behaviors and personalities of dogs and cats to those of humans.  Dogs can be compared to an extroverted person, while cats are more similar to introverts.  Much as humans of these two differing personality types can at times set one another on edge, they still can develop strong relationships despite their differences.  The way that friendships work between cats and dogs follows much the same pattern.

So, are cats and dogs friends?  It would appear that in at least this instance, modern clichés and cultural tropes have led us astray.  In most supportive and loving home environments, cats and dogs can indeed grow to be friends with one another, despite their basic differences in personality.